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Favorite DOO WOP (Vocal Group Harmony) Recordings

The 2022 survey responses came from DoowopCafe radio listeners, Cafe DJ's, and DooWop Cafe Facebook Club members ... 495 song choices (votes) were submitted.

A rating was requested for each "Top 10" submission with "1" as the highest rating.
The song list is ranked with the song getting the most votes at the top of the list.
Where songs received the same number of votes, the song with the highest rating (lowest numerical total) is higher on the list. Songs getting only one vote are listed in order of their rating.

Click on the links below to see the Top 250 Songs in 2022 and The Top 250 Songs from 2010.

Note that in the 2022 songs list there are a few favorite "Oldies" that are not actually "Group Harmony" songs.
"Oldies" category songs were not included in the 2010 songs list.

Top 250 (2022)   .................. Top 50 Side by Side   .................. Top 250 (2010)